Natalie Deckard
I am a Political Sociologist, teaching and learning about the ways that the social matters, and our social realities are amplified in our political lives.

In an age of austerity and ascendant neoliberalism, how do former welfare states integrate minority populations and territories? Insofar as the market is replacing the democratic state as the entity responsible for determining inclusion and provisioning rights - through what means does
the state remain a coherent unit

In this brave new world, how do states quell resistance from
marginalized racial and ethnic groups? 

What are the implications for violence and the human condition?

Considering phenomena as diverse as terrorist and independence movements, human trafficking and incarceration, my work investigates the changing character of the state and the citizen after the welfare state.

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Below, discussing the causes of a move towards more socially liberal stances in the US electorate, 
as a guest panelist of Huffington Post Live with Alyona Minkovski

And here,
discussing the commodification of women's bodies, as seen through the lens of sex worker stereotypes, 
as a guest panelist of Huffington Post Live with Marc Lamont Hill

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