"fundamentally influences the way you think about society"

 Classes I Have Taught and Teach 

I also teach:

    The Construction of the Criminal

    Refugees, Migrants and the Stateless

    Social Statistics

    Advanced Data Analysis

"If I had taken this class

3 years ago I would've changed my major to sociology"

"Of all the classes I have taken, I feel I learned more in this class, used my ability to critically think and explore new topics, and engaged in discussions that made me think for days."

"life changing" 

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"I would need to google

60 synonyms of Great, Wonderful, Awesome, and Amazing!"

"This class should be required"

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My teaching is both

substantive and methodological.

I help students find questions that need asking

and figure out how to answer them.

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"I recommend everyone take

one of her courses."

and, in the interests of full transparency...